Quick AWS Console Login

There are two ways to interact with AWS. The first is the AWS Console which requires a username and password plus according to best practices Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is great because usernames and passwords that are easy for humans to remember are often easy for machines to crack. The second is API based access either from the AWS CLI or [...]

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Live migration of instances. Will AWS ever support it?

Amazon EC2
VMware's vSphere?is a virtualization platform which has wide adoption in the enterprise. vSphere vMotion is a feature which allows?the live migration of virtual machines from [...]

AWS Config Rules Repository Launched

AWS Config
The AWS Security Blog for Mar 1st 2016 announced the?AWS Config Rules Repository. AWS Config Rules Amazon?announced AWS Config in November 2014 to provide a historical [...]

AWS Import/Export Snowball now supports Export

AWS Import/Export Snowball
AWS Import/Export Snowball has supported import to Amazon for a while now. The export from Amazon feature was announced?on the Official AWS Blog 29 Feb 2016. Import [...]