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Question of the Day: February 1st 2018

AWS CloudTrail
Today's question is about [...]

Question of the Day: January 30th 2018

AWS CloudFormation
AWS provides a number of questions as samples for their certification exams. Today’s question is from the AWS Certified Developer – Associate sample [...]

Question of the Day: January 25th 2018

Amazon CloudWatch
A good understanding of Amazon CloudWatch is vital for monitoring resources in AWS. Today's question is about monitoring with Amazon [...]

Building CloudFormation Custom Resources in Go

AWS Lambda
Recently Amazon announced support for the Go programming language (also known as GoLang) in AWS Lambda. Go is unusual amongst modern languages (such as Java, [...]

Question of the Day: January 19th 2018

AWS Trusted Advisor
Another question about AWS Trusted Advisor [...]

Question of the Day: January 18th 2018

AWS Trusted Advisor
Today's question is about AWS Trusted [...]

Question of the Day: January 11th 2018

AWS CloudTrail
The AWS CloudTrail service is critical for regulated industries which required a thorough audit trail of all [...]

CloudFormation WaitCondition Resources

AWS CloudFormation
When using AWS CloudFormation, sometimes resources need time to initialize. For example, an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance using UserData to [...]

Unable to download CloudWatch Logs?

Amazon CloudWatch
It is hard working with large log files in CloudWatch. Sometimes it's better to be able to work with your favorite text editor. Power users may want to take [...]

Reusing Automation : CloudFormation Config Sets

AWS CloudFormation
AWS CloudFormation is a orchestration tool which deploys infrastructure. It supports nested CloudFormation templates. Nested CloudFormation templates provide a [...]