Amazon Web ServicesAmazon Web Services (AWS) was one of the pioneers of cloud computing.

AWS services range from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), through Platform as a Service (PaaS) such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk to Software as a Service (SaaS) such as Amazon WorkMail.

While primarily a Public Cloud provider, AWS provides some capabilities which enable Hybrid Cloud, such as the AWS Storage Gateway.

With over seventy different services, AWS categorizes them into groups of similar functionality. As new services are added, the categorizations have been changed. For example, during AWS Re:Invent 2016, several the Artificial Intelligence category was created. Currently, the set of AWS categories and AWS services is:

AWS Game Development Amazon Lumberyard Internet of Things AWS Greengrass AWS IoT Button AWS IoT Platform Desktop Desktop & App Streamingamp; App Streaming Amazon AppStream 2.0 Amazon WorkSpaces Business Productivity Amazon WorkDocs Amazon WorkMail Amazon Chime Messaging Amazon SES Amazon SNS Amazon Pinpoint Amazon SQS Application Services Amazon API Gateway Amazon Elastic Transcoder AWS Step Functions Mobile Services AWS Mobile SDK Amazon Pinpoint Amazon API Gateway AWS Device Farm Amazon Cognito AWS Mobile Hub Artificial Intelligence Amazon Machine Learning Amazon Polly Amazon Rekognition Amazon Lex Analytics AWS Data Pipeline Amazon Redshift Amazon Elasticsearch Service Amazon EMR AWS Glue Amazon Quicksight Amazon Kinesis Amazon CloudSearch Amazon Athena Security, Identity Security, Identity & Complianceamp; Compliance AWS WAF AWS Organizations AWS Directory Service AWS Certificate Manager AWS Indentity AWS Indentity & Access Managementamp; Access Management AWS Shield AWS Key Management Service AWS CloudHSM Amazon Inspector Amazon Cloud Directory Management Tools AWS Trusted Advisor AWS OpsWork AWS CloudTrail Amazon EC2 Systems Manager AWS Personal Health Dashboard AWS Service Catalog AWS Config AWS CloudFormation Amazon CloudWatch Developer Tools AWS Command Line Interface AWS CodePipeline AWS CodeBuild AWS X-Ray AWS CodeDeploy AWS CodeCommit Networking Networking & Content Deliveryamp; Content Delivery AWS Direct Connect Amazon CloudFront Elastic Load Balancing Amazon Route53 Amazon VPC Migration AWS Snowmobile AWS Snowball AWS Database Migration Service AWS Snowball Edge AWS Server Migration Service AWS Application Discovery Service Database AWS Database Migration Service Amazon ElastiCache Amazon RDS Amazon Redshift Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Aurora Storage AWS Snowmobile AWS Snowball Amazon Glacier Amazon EBS AWS Snowball Edge AWS Storage Gateway Amazon Elastic File System Amazon S3 Compute AWS Lambda AWS Batch Amazon Lightsail Amazon EC2 Container Registry Auto Scaling AWS Elastic Beanstalk Amazon VPC Amazon EC2 Container Service Amazon EC2


In the past, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has categorized their services as:

Some AWS Services are no longer categorized:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Notes

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architectural Best Practices


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